River Coffee Table

Jumping in on the river table trend, here is my river coffee table.

This started with a walnut slab that I got from Lumber Logs. In the first picture you can see that I bought three slabs. The middle of the three is the one that becomes this table. The crotch slab on the left eventually becomes Anne Briggs writing desk from The Wood Whisperer Guild. The slab on the right still sits in my wood rack as of November 2019 waiting on the right project.

As you can see the slab was split down the middle and then the flipped inside out, making the sapwood the river bank. Obviously yellow would not be a normal color for a river, but it was chosen to match theme in the room it was going into. If I were to do it again, I may have chosen black as I really like how that looks with walnut.

The base was made based on what Matt Cremona did in his waterfall table builds in The Wood Whisperer Guild.

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