Dining Room

This started out as a simple project of removing the wallpaper and painting the walls in my dining room. I ended up taking down the ceiling, some of the walls, doing some electrical work, and doing cabinetry and all of my own moldings.

The cabinets and all moldings are made out of walnut purchase from Lumber Logs. I think I ended up using over 120bf. The cabinet boxes are baltic birch plywood from Kunz Carpentry Warehouse. The cabinet panels are all veneered with walnut crotch veneer from Veneer Supplies. The cabinets and moldings are all finished with General Finishes Enduro-Var.

For the counter-tops I had originally thought to do an all end grain hard maple top. So you can see that I did a bunch of glue-ups with this in mind. Eventually I changed my mind on this and just joined all those glue-ups together. The top is finished with a few coats of General Finishes High Performance.

Under the upper cabinets is recessed LED lighting from Lee Valley. The tile is a grout-less glass tile from Menards.

A lot of pictures below with a lot of captions.

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